Kill Zone
Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza


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Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza
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From the Assassination of JFK to the New World Order


In 1987, former US Marine sniper Craig Roberts, a seasoned veteran of the Vietnam war, stood for the first time at the 6th floor "sniper's nest" window of the Texas Schoolbook Depository. As he looked down into what the US Government maintains was the kill zone used by Lee Harvey Oswald, he immediately knew that the Warren Commission's verdict that Oswald, acting alone, fired three shots in 5.6 seconds from a bolt-action rifle, killing John F. Kennedy was a lie.
At that moment Roberts, by then a 20-year veteran police officer and recognized authority on sniping, began an investigation that would last six years, take him into the shadow world of the clandestine intelligence community--and beyond. "Kill Zone" names the killers, lifts the veil of secrecy from the event, and takes the reader from Dealey Plaza 1963 to the New World Order and who is really in charge of the governments of the world--and who ordered Kennedy's death and why.

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